[Anderson] employs various techniques specific to each instrument in shaping compelling and mysterious narratives… brooding orations…sweeping and animated flights…expressive, vital commentary…piquant dialogue…

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Latest Release: What She Saw

WHAT SHE SAW features two epic, large-scale works from composer Douglas Anderson. These gripping vocal works focus on the lives of two archetypal women: Cassandra of ancient Greece and The Woman of modern times.

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  • Sep

    Premiere of Sonata for Piano

    The musical ensemble di.vi.sion will present a concert entitled Five for the Planet featuring the premieres of 5 pieces written for the occasion.  Each piece presents a perspective on global warming and it's effect on the planet Earth.  Douglas Anderson's piece will be a Sonata for Piano, subtitled 'the rise and decline of species', which [...]

    New York NY, United States


Explore a collection of compelling instrumental compositions, including recent major works such as Spirit Guide, a concerto for clarinet and orchestra premiered by the Brooklyn Symphony and Whispers of Weeping: Mozart (an iconoclasm), unveiled by the Downtown Symphony.


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Explore a diverse range of vocal compositions, spanning solo voice, choral pieces, and intricate song cycles. From the evocative Cassandra Songs for mezzo-soprano and piano premiered by Esther Hickman, to early acclaimed works like Haiku for voice alone, experience the richness of the composer’s vocal repertoire across various vocal formats.



Explore an array of dramatic musical works spanning opera, theatre, and radio/internet compositions, including acclaimed pieces like Faust Triumphant, Medea in Exile, and featured radio dramas like Romance Concerto and The King of Jazz.